1 Introduction to SDK

This document describes the application of VR made and run on Pico all-in-one equipment by PicoVRAndroidSDK_UE4 (hereinafter referred to as SDK) under the Unreal game development engine environment. SDK can mainly provide: many functions such as Binocular stereo rendering, optical distortion correction, sensor fusion, asynchronous time warping, single buffer rendering, multi-interaction support (head and hand 3DOF/6DOF), multi-peripheral support, power supply and thermal dissipation management, account and payment management.

The SDK is provided in the form of an engine plug-in that can carry out bridging of engine and Pico virtual reality hardware device by achieving the VR abstraction layer of UE4. The position/ orientation of the Camera component in the engine will be moved following Pico virtual reality helmet movement so that the engine’s MotionController component will be moved following Pico motion controller.

Of course, some functions of the VR abstraction layer of UE4 can be used to control the Pico virtual achievement hardware, for example, the orientation/position reset function of the head-mounted display can be achieved by calling Input/Head Mounted Display/Reset Orientation and Position. In addition, for some Pico VR-specific functions, we also provide the blueprint interface, and a demo is also attached for developers’ reference in terms of the calling method.

The SDK architecture is shown in the following figure:


Figure 1.1 SDK Architecture Diagram