4 Video Kiosk Mode

This chapter will guide the developer in adapting the Pico headset to run default videos upon headset load. The chapter also includes instructions on how to reverse this functionality.

Please find essential resources from this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Q8kSlB7-2Z8bVkIRRt0GSMZ9pc7vAcDa

Technical requirement:

  • Video must be in mp4 format.

  • If other version of Kiosk Video Mode has been installed, you need to do a factory reset at first: access the 2D settings menu by pressing the Confirm button and the Volume Down button at the same time. Then choose system -> reset option -> factory reset. The headset will reboot.

4.1 Enabling Video Kiosk Mode

  1. This Kiosk Mode support multi-videos, so please rename your videos as: 01_XXX_360.mp4, 02_XXX_2D.mp4, and the like. So the Kiosk Mode will recognize video format automatically and playback in the order.You can refer to the demos in video_continue. More specific suffix rules as form below:

  1. Copy and paste the renamed videos to “video_continue”.

  2. Copy and paste the folder “video_continue” into the root directory on the headset.

  3. Put on the headset and access Library / FileManager / Application(APKs). Install the three applications:

  1. When installation is complete reboot the headset.

  2. If you want to play the videos from the beginning every time when you put on the headset, please rename the folder from “video_continue” to “video_replay”, and reboot the headset.

4.2 Restoring to Pico Launcher

  1. Access the 2D settings menu by pressing the Confirm button (on the right side of the headset) and the Volume Down button on the headset at the same time.

  2. Under Device, select Apps & notifications -> advanced -> Default apps -> Home app -> choose PVRLauncher, then reboot the headset.