4 Replacing Launcher with Third-party Application

Some developers may want to replacing default launcher with a third-party application which you can’t modify the AndroidManifest.xml.

Here are the steps to replacing launcher with a third-party application,

  • Step1: Create a TXT file named “config.txt”

  • Step2: Edit the config.txt file

    Add the “Package name/Class name” as “com.pvr.shortcut/com.pvr.shortcut.MainActivity” in the config.txt file. If there is no “Class name” in the third-party application, then use the “Package name”.

  • Step3: Copy config.txt file to the device root directory

  • Step4: Install the third-party application

  • Step5: Disable home button

  • Step6: Reboot the device

Note: If you want to disable the Kiosk Mode, please delete the config.txt file ,enable home button and reboot device to return the pico default launcher.