2 Replacing Launcher on Neo 2/G2 4K

Pico Neo2 and G2-4K allow setting Kiosk Mode app without modifying AndroidManifest.xml in latest PUI (Neo2 since 3.12.0, G2-4K since 3.11.3). When setting property persist.pxr.force.home as the application activity, the application will work in Kiosk Mode. The package name and activity name needs to be splitted by a comma.

  • It is applicable to verify this feature by using following adb command:

adb shell setprop persist.pxr.force.home com.package.name,com.activity.name

*Substitute “com.package.name” and “com.activity.name” with the testing application accordingly.

  • To restore launcher app back to PUI launcher, use the following command to set persist.pxr.force.home as empty:

adb shell setprop persist.pxr.force.home ''