9 VR Input Keyboard

9.1 VR Input Keyboard features

9.1.1 Supported features:

•Support languages: Simplified Chinese, English, Voice

•Support PicoVR Unity SDK development

•Support inputting types of Text, Number, Account, Password

•Support input prediction

•Support popular symbols and emoji

9.1.2 Notes

•All supported input languages other than items mentioned in chapter 9.1.1

•All essential development environment other than items mentioned in chapter 9.1.1

•Customized UI and keyboard layout (e.g. 9-grid input layout, numerical keyboard etc.)

•Not support handwriting input

9.2 Process of applying for VR Input Keyboard integration

To apply for VR input keyboard integration, firstly send an email to Pico support email support.tob@picovr.com. Please list the application’s name which needs to integrate VR input keyboard and describe detailed requirements in this email.

Pico Support Team will review the email and reply applying result or if further information is required. Usage permission and interfaces will be provided if application is approved.